Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm pretty sure this argument is a logical fallacy...


...but then Malcolm Bruce is a Liberal Democrat so we shouldn't be surprised:

Nigel Lawson is a climate change denier so anti EU stance should be judged with that in mind.

I think it's fair to say that Lawson isn't a 'climate change denier' merely someone who asks difficult questions about the sacred cow of AGW and the economic presumptions associated with the public policy response.

 We should note that the central plank in the Liberal Democrat defence of EU membership - repeated to the point of obsession - is that it is essential if we are to respond to climate change.

Presumably by nationalising seed production and distribution?



Leg-iron said...

Malcolm Bruce is my local Wastemonster MP. His majority has been in steady and rapid decline over recent elections.

I have never, and will never vote for the idiot. he voted against even holding a discussion about the possibility of amending the smoking ban, something I have been quick to point out to any potential LD-voter I meet at any smoky venue.

It's no surprise to find he's also a fully-paid-up member of the Church of the Green God.

I voted Conservative last time, even though here in Oily Al's heartland the only ones getting close to ousting him are the SNP (as a smoker, the SNP are no different, and neither are the other two). I voted that way because I would dearly love to see him lose his seat to a Tory. North of Aberdeen, there could be no greater humiliation.

It'll probably never happen, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it might be an idea to try to prime Mr Bruce to put forward a bill outlawing winter… That is about as sensible as any of the other ideas churning out of Wastemonster are.

What sane, rational person would deny that climate can change? Perhaps we should be more alarmed by those who think that climates should NOT change, which seems to be the rationale amongst those Chicken Littles who are desperately trying to scare us.

Radical Rodent