Wednesday, 22 May 2013

On the bankruptcy of our political and media culture


A striking observation - about the USA but could be the UK or indeed any other 'Western' nation:

Credibility is a capital asset, which may take years to accumulate but can be squandered in an instant; and the events of the last dozen years should have bankrupted any faith we have in our government or media. Once we acknowledge this, we should begin to accept the possible reality of important, well-documented events even if they are not announced on the front pages of our major newspapers. When several huge scandals have erupted into the headlines after years or decades of total media silence, we must wonder what other massive stories may currently be ignored by our media elites.

We could see this as just conspiracy nonsense but if you read what goes before this quote - stuff like the man who designed (with Keynes) the Bretton Woods deal being a Soviet spy or the strange tale of Bernard Kerik - you may let a seed of doubt enter your mind.

Sobering stuff.


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