Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stupid, stupid, murderously stupid...


It was going to happen, they were going to get their way, they couldn't allow e-cigarettes to succeed. So they've set about killing them:

"Reducing the harms of smoking to smokers and those around them is a key Government health priority. Our research has shown that existing electronic cigarettes and other nicotine containing products on the market are not good enough to meet this public health priority.

“Some NCPs are already licensed and the Government's decision to work towards medicines licensing for all these products is designed to deliver quality products that will support smokers to cut down and to quit.

“The decision announced today provides a framework that will enable good quality products to be widely available. It’s not about banning products that some people find useful, it’s about making sure that smokers have an effective alternative that they can rely on to meet their needs."

Some 1.3 million people have already switched to e-cigarettes. To stop this process is stupid.

It's stupid because e-cigarettes are 99% safer than smoking regular cigarettes

It's stupid because e-cigarettes are not a medicine - unless a cup of coffee is a medicine

It's murderously stupid because it means that people will die unnecessarily.

But then it never was about health, was it.



SadButMadLad said...

If ecigs were invented* today then the MHRA would not be getting involved. It's not about health, it's about control. Health campaigners are losing the anti-cig war because the opposition has pulled a blinder with e-cigs. Campaigners are moving the goal posts so that e-cigs are included in their control.

* Nicotine is like caffeine, but with regulations and the nanny state if coffee was invented today it might not be approved.

Steve Wintersgill said...

I'll be very interested to see how the regulation of 'all nicotine containing products' impacts of the sales of tomatoes and aubergines as well as a host of pesticides and treated seeds.

Criminal decision from MHRA which adequately demonstrates the fact that they are little more than quisling shills for the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

No doubt the effect will be to destroy thousands of UK jobs, kill off innovation and protect the pharma/tobacco interests, whilst simultaneously giving rise to a black market in poorer quality products.

Nice hand HMGov, hang your heads in shame. If the juxtaposition of the urethra and the prostate wasn't proof enough in the non-existence of god, then further evidence will be provided by none of these bastards dying in a chip pan fire.

Anonymous said...

I read your comments in the T&A piece the other night (yes, someone still reads it!) - thanks for being the voice of reason.

I don't think I could vote for you at any point, as I'm in Leeds, but if the opportunity arises you're my man :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cooke

"- unless a cup of coffee is a medicine"

Coffee is, so is water. Those awfully nice people in the EU say they are as defined by:


of 6 November 2001

on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use

Check out the definitions on p5. They cover everything you might want to eat or drink or inhale or ...