Tuesday, 16 July 2013

On waste permits...and Leeds


It seems that the Leeds City Council spokesman couldn't resist twisting the knife into Bradford:

Leeds City Council said it did not know how much it cost it to dispose of waste from Bradford. A spokesman said the authority recognised it might be more convenient for householders from Bradford to visit a Leeds tip, and that they were welcome to do so. 

He he! Of course Bradford doesn't have any idea how much it's disposing of either, it just pretends it does!

And the comments sum it all up:

I'm assuming that the tips that are being used by people from outside Bradford are the ones near the boundaries such as Queensbury & Keighley.

If they don't know how many Bradford residents are using tips in places like Menston & Yeadon how can they possibly use this 'net import' argument as a reason for introducing permits?


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