Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Squirrels with the plague? We're doomed!

It seems that the squirrels* have got the plague. Or rather the fleas that carry the plague:

Health officials in Los Angeles have confirmed this week that a squirrel found in a National Forest in California was infected with plague.

As a precaution parts of the Angeles National Forest near Wrightwood have been closed since Wednesday.

Visitors were ordered to leave the park after the creature was trapped in a routine check. Officials have said no individuals in the area have been infected with the disease, which is known as the Black Death.

Forget bird 'flu, should we be panicking about squirrel plague? We're doomed I tell you. Doomed!

*The picture above is a North American Grey Squirrel. For the record the plague carrying squirrel isn't one of these and doesn't live in your local park. At least not yet! The carrier squirrel is one of these:


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Anonymous said...

Hilda's the monk did a fine piece about the plague or Black Death, it's on Anna raccoons site, it's in three parts. It does suggest that the plague/black death might not have been spread by the flea.