Thursday, 1 August 2013

This week's nannying fussbucket award...Cllr Michael Jones


...goes to Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East council:

Council leader Michael Jones said: “We stand by our decision to go forward. We are talking to our sub-regional partners. We are looking at those who offer cut price alcohol as a temptation to young adults.”

He said he wasn’t talking about responsible drinkers.

“I’m talking about those who buy two litres of cider for £1.80, go home and drink it and then go out,” he said.

Of course, Cllr Jones doesn't have the power to fix prices so his campaign is mere posturing. However, it is worst for this not better - worse because Cllr Jones provides oxygen to the prohibitionists that inhabit public health departments and worse because he's misleading the Cheshire East public.


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