Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A frightening comment on the ghastly waste that is HS2 - who runs the country?


Here's Jackie Sadek from UK Regeneration:

The government seems to be going out on the offensive to promote HS2 today. About time really. I am a staunch supporter (of course, isn’t everyone in regeneration?) and, having visited the HS2 office within CLG in Eland House a few days ago, I can bear witness to the vast operation already under way.

Gantt charts, like you’ve never seen, plastering the walls.  And row upon row of peeps working hard at computers. An air of quiet industry and permanence abounds. Now I don’t know who really runs this country, but whoever it is, believe me, trust me, they have decided we are HAVING HS2. 

There you have it folks. Forget about votes in parliament. Never mind the role of ministers. We are having HS2! Millions are being spent planning it, developing it and make it happen.

I am inclined on these occasions to scream.


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Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

This jumping the gun "done deal" aspect of HS2 must be highlighted - as must the diktat of Brussels bureaucrats in specifying what they want it to be....