Saturday, 14 September 2013

Petition to save Bingley Pool


As you probably know Bradford Council plan to close Bingley Pool. They also plan to make the decision in private session (for reasons of "confidentiality"). We're told there will be a consultation - although I doubt this will be about the closure more likely an exercise in justifying the proposals.

Bingley Civic Trust and local campaigners have launched a petition to save the pool:

Yesterday and today volunteers were in the town’s 5Rise shopping centre collecting signatures, parents have been taking more names at school gates and copies are also available in shops and the Arts Centre, with an online version on Bingley Civic Trust’s website. 

If you're in Bingley do sign up or else visit the Civic Trust website to sign up on line - click here to do so.

Remember that, if 1000 people sign it triggers a debate at full Council - a chance to make sure every Councillor considers the issues and that the decision is made openly.


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