Monday, 7 October 2013

Hamzah Khan: what we're told...


...does seem a little complacent. I will await the publication of the Serious Case Review before drawing any judgement about the case. But this first comment to us Councillors from the Council worries me:

That report (the Serious Case Review) will be published in the next few weeks but I can advise you that there was limited involvement from statutory agencies in this case as mum did not want to take up offers of help and no serious concerns were reported to the statutory agencies. This is not a case where lots of agencies were involved and didn’t see the signs, the question is how can this happen and professionals, neighbours, communities not be aware of it.

It also seems to me that the Council are preparing the ground for any response to the serious case review - indeed Cllr Berry's press statement indicates just this:

Serious case reviews lead to learning and action to make children safer, in our district and across the country

Maybe they do but the public would like those reviews to lift the lid on failings and to see those responsible held accountable. Is that not too much to ask?


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