Saturday, 7 December 2013

A major advance in human civilization...


Hidden away beneath all the Mandela hagiography is this:

A BAKERY have come up with crust the job to beat the late-night munchies – a 24-hour hot pie vending machine.

Fisher & Donaldson, of St Andrews, have fitted the delicacy dispenser in the doorway of an empty shop next to them in the town centre.

It is proving to be a roaring success with revellers – and sold out of its products on its first night.

As well as hot pies, the machine sells sausage rolls and sweet treats such as fudge doughnuts, rhubarb pies and apple tarts.

Punters can choose from 15 options at the machine, with prices ranging from £1 to £2.

This is unquestionably a signifiant advance in human civilization - although there's always a nannying fussbucket to moan: politician branded it “totally inappropriate”. Brian Thomson, Labour councillor for St Andrews, said: “I’m very surprised to see it located in such a prominent location. I’ve raised the matter with the council’s planners.”


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asquith said...

Surely the next challenge facing humanity is decoding what exactly a "brime" is when it's at home.

I'll have a homity pie myself. Served with gravy, obviously, and mint sauce. It has to be a homity pie because without potato, the cheese becomes overwhelming, which is not my way of doing things.