Sunday, 15 December 2013

The BBC is completely out of control...


Yesterday I noted that the BBC had sent 140 people - at the cost of over £1m - to South Africa following the death of Nelson Mandela.

Today a couple more examples of our state broadcaster's egregious waste of tax money:

The BBC is spending up to £500,000 on a major refit of its £1 billion new headquarters because staff have complained their state-of-the art surroundings ‘lack character’.

The high-spec London HQ was only opened in June – four years behind schedule and £55 million over budget.

But the Corporation has already decided to revamp two floors of New Broadcasting House to make them ‘more creative and vibrant’ – following a string of gripes from staff.


The corporation said it had no choice but to have two studios, which are expected to cost it close to £500,000 in building costs and rent...

That's right the BBC is not only lavishing money on the sports coverage of next summer's World Cup finals in Brazil but is planning on sending a whole news team over to Brazil as well. And building them a studio (apparently because of some nonsense about 'broadcasting rights') - in Rio where England aren't even playing!

Accountable? Not in the slightest.


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