Sunday, 9 February 2014

Why e-cigs matter. And the public health nannies are wrong...


Currently the tobacco cessation lobby are spending between eight and ten million quid a year to perhaps get two per cent of Britain's ten million smokers to quit. Here's the effect of electronic cigarettes - without a single penny of public funding: increase in e-cigarette use from two per cent to 16 per cent in 28 months.  That is a 14 per cent increase in just over two years.  Basing that figure we see that there is a 14 per cent increase over 28 months which works out as an average monthly increase of 0.5 per cent.  This means that at present 40,625 smokers are switching to e-cigarettes each month[5].

It's probable that, before the EU's egregious Tobacco Products Directive comes into force, over a third of current smokers will have wholly or partly switched to vaping. And this will be, if you accept that smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death, the greatest public health breakthrough since the clean air acts of the 1950s.

And these idiots want to ban e-cigs? Seriously!



Leg-iron said...

There's no tax to be had on Electrofags, and no tax on Pharmer profits either.

That silly little man Clegg wants to legalise hard drugs - to hell with the consequences, he wants the tax money. Pharmers could make cocaine and heroin without any effort at all.

The profits - and taxes - would be enormous.

It was never about health, any of it. It always was, and always will be, about money.

Anonymous said...

Question is, in my open-topped sports car, with a child in the passenger seat, will I be able to have an e-cig ?
What say you, Nanny party?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cooke

If cigarettes are as deadly as the taxpayer funded anti-tobacco obsessives claim, then their banning of snus and proposed ban on e-cigs amounts to a confession to mass murder and attempted mass murder.

Are they going to report themselves for prosecution?