Monday, 10 March 2014

Funny what you read in the Spanish papers!


The Lib Dems are proposing an MP (or MPs given the number of Brits there) for the Costa del Sol:

The Liberal Democrats will fight to introduce a Costa del Sol MP after agreeing on a policy for overseas constituencies at their spring party conference.

An interesting idea but it seems a little odd to me. Right now ex-pats retain voting rights (at either a registered address or in the constituency where they last resided) for 15 years after departing these shores.

Now I've a bit of a problem with this idea.  Someone who departs for good to some other land (and, in the case of Spain at least) will get all those democratic rights in the new place - why should they retain them in the place they moved from? Were I to depart from Cullingworth for, let's say, Billericay, I wouldn't expect to retain the right to vote in Bradford's elections when I get the wonderful opportunity to elect people to Basildon District and Essex County!

Why do this for folk living in Benahavis who will either retain their registration in the UK or else will get the chance to elect people to the Benahavis council, the Andalucia region and the Madrid parliament?

Perhaps the Lib Dems think these ex-pats will vote for them? They are in for a cruel shock I think!


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Barman said...

I can't speak for Spain...

But here in Cyprus where I have lived for 11 years I have no rights to vote in national elections.

But then I have no rights to health care or other benefits either!

I agree with you that those who have left should not have the right to vote in the UK - I have never done do since being here.