Monday, 24 March 2014

On the state of English education...


From the Leeds school teaching all its pupils English as a foreign language:

She said that British pupils would benefit from the lessons because in many cases they had such poor command of formal English they would not be able to achieve good GCSE grades. 

What an terrible observation - all those Leeds-born children have (ignoring the now ubiquitous pre-school education) had nearly seven years of formal education before they arrive at the City of Leeds School.

What have the primary schools been doing?



Clarissa said...

Forget the primary schools, what the ruddy heck have the parents been doing?

Anonymous said...

Clarissa, they have doing exactly as told to by sending their children to school to be educated. The fact that teachers cannot teach anymore is not the parents fault. Once again we see the politicalisation of education reaping rewards! All three groups lose out, kids, parents and teachers, the only winners are the politicians who only want drones!

Anonymous said...

What has been forgotten, particularly in the primary area, is that education is a partnership - neither teachers nor parents can do it all alone, but if their efforts are joined, then well-educated kids emerge.

The problem with 'statism' is that Joe Public is encouraged to abdicate all such traditional responsibilities to the state, because 'Nanny' knows best and can thus ensure full coverage of equality, diversity, environment, metrication, Euro-love and all the other PC nonsense.
Shame about the Three Rs, but something had to go.