Friday, 16 May 2014

Trust me, I'm a (local) politician!


I haven't seen the details of the polling but there will be a load of grinning councillors reading this:

The poll, carried out on behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA), showed that when it comes to making decisions about local services and the local area only 9% of people trusted MPs and a meagre 6% of people trusted government ministers. However, 77% of people trusted their local Councillor to fight for the local area. This figure has risen from 71% in October, while the number of people who would not trust MPs or government ministers dropped from 16% to 8%.

And all this rather gives the lie to those who see the solution being fewer community politicians - local councillors, parish councillors and the like - and more professional, manager-like regional, national and supra-national politicians.

The reverse is what we need.


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