Sunday, 10 August 2014

Labour - the real nasty party...


There is no strategy here beyond envy, hatred and some sort of desire for a warped punishment of the "rich":

"In Stalybridge I haven’t seen a house advertised at over £500,000 and we’ve got really nice mansions. There are six, seven, eight-bedroom houses there, and you can buy them…for about £400,000.

“In the North there are people who could be paying more and aren’t.

“I’d also like to look at inheritance tax. Why be scared of it, they’re dead.”

This is the authentic voice of the real nasty party, a party filled with snippy chip-wearers who see other enjoying a modest success and can think only of taxing them, of taking that money away.

This sad belief - that one person being rich is wrong when another is poor - acts only to sustain and reinforce the causes of poverty. It is a reminder that the Labour Party sees tax as a punishment for success not as a means to raise the money government needs to deliver the services we have asked it to deliver.

God forbid these horrible people ever get near government again.


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