Friday, 1 August 2014

Some interesting stuff...and a Happy Yorkshire Day!


I thought I'd share a few links to interesting stuff for a change. Well everyone else does it and it saves me the trouble of writing the interesting stuff my self! So here we go...

Damien Hurst is going into the property development game with a new town (well urban extension) at Ilfracombe in Devon. Presumably the houses aren't pickled in formaldehyde!

A bit about the problems of caste discrimination in Indian schools (and how it isn't as bad in provate schools). Good to note that Indian private schools are mostly used by the poor.

More about the lunacy that is San Francisco (and Silicon Valley) housing policy. And a reminder that  restricting housing too much is bad for the economy.

Why supporting free markets is the right way to oppose elitism and reduce poverty. One of the best pro-market arguments around (from Dan Hannan)

More evidence that government is terrified by Bitcoin and other creative disruption of the money business. How New York regulators are forcing Bitcoin innovators out.

An entertaining - and occasionally drunken - entry into the Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe contest (you'll need half and hour and a glass or two of wine)

And to close here, for Yorkshire Day, is the national flag:

Happy Yorkshire Day folks!


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