Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Fungus: now this is what you call a mushroom!

Yes folks that's not photoshopped, that really is a giant - indeed humongous - puffball. 

“My uncle was driving to see my grandfather and as he was going along 30th Ave. He thought he saw something in the ditch,” Heather Hoyt, who brought the mushroom find to The Sun’s attention, said. “He pulled over to check it out and discovered that it was a huge puffball mushroom.”

It weighed in at 11.4 pounds - a pretty big mushroom but not unheard of for the Giant Puffball (Calvatia Gigantea). However, the best bit of the story is the disappointment of the mycologist consulted:

“I wish I could have seen it before they cut it up and ate it because it may very well have been one of the biggest I have witnessed.”

I'm guessing it was a fine meal! And why not.


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