Saturday, 13 September 2014

Labour MP wants to ban car ownership...


I know it's hard to believe but there are still people whose only response to a 'problem' is to propose a ban. And this proposed ban - on us owning our own car - is priceless in its loony leftness: 

Dr Alan Whitehead, a Labour MP for Southampton Test and a member of the Energy and Climate Change select committee...went on to suggest that ‘outlawing’ car ownership was better than banning car use altogether, preferring ‘regulation rather than prohibition’.

Dr Whitehead added: ‘What if the Government simply regulated for cars to be sold and used just as they are at present (hopefully with an increasing presence of electric and hybrid vehicles) but outlawed individual ownership?"

Now we should note that the 'doctor' isn't a scientist (his doctorate is in politics) but one of those experts in public policy who believe that everything can be planned, managed and controlled in order to achieve whatever goals the leaders of society set. It worked really well in the Soviet Union and folk like Dr Whitehead still think it would work here.

I could dissect Whitehead's argument but it's not worth the trouble - everything about it is wrong, from the belief that the roads will become more congested to the idea that we can somehow force people to use public transport (or the bicycle). But the political stupidity of the argument is staggering.


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