Monday, 15 December 2014

Things that just aren't true...


Planning has played a transformational role in improving the quality of life of all of our communities. In the past, planning has proved itself capable of dealing with overcrowding, poor quality housing and public realm, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and most importantly, securing greater social equity.

OK the author of this staggering piece of nonsense is the boss of the Town & Country Planning Association. But really!


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that planning and planners can be so completely dismissed. The achievements of the Marquis de Pombal in Lisbon, Haussman in Paris and James Craig in Edinburgh, for example, are surely to be admired, while the LCC's redevelopment of the Old Nichol rid London of its most notorious slum.

Which is not say that all town and country planning have been wholly successful. But it has its place among the tools of effective government.