Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Why no-one should vote Green - from the lips of their party leader...


You see folks Greens are selfish. Offensively selfish. They think poor Indians and Africans should stay in grinding poverty. They really do - here's the party leader:

“The world is sodden with stuff, it cannot have more stuff,” said Ms Bennett. Yet they do not appear to have considered what that would mean for billions of the world’s poorest people, almost none of whom live in Britain. When Bagehot suggested to her that there was a problem with this, Ms Bennett said he was worrying too much: to be poor in India wasn’t so bad as to be on benefits in Britain, she suggested, “because at least everyone else there is poor too”.

So no you shouldn't vote Green if you believe in a better, fairer, healthier world. You should vote Green if you think that because you're alright those far-flung, better-tanned people can starve.



Anonymous said...

Evil, in the first person. Ayn Rand had this bitch nailed in the 1950s

Joe Public said...

"“The world is sodden with stuff, it cannot have more stuff,” said Ms Bennett. "

Of course it is, Natalie. You're flogging the effing crap:-


Yorkshire 3YF said...

Preposterous, even from a Tory. If you honestly believe the Greens are willfully ignorant of the plight of other nations, you clearly have not even given their manifesto a casual glance, never mind a thorough read.

People should vote Green if they are interested in social justice, environmental issues and nipping the TTIP squarely in the bud before we become bound to a treaty that serves only corporations.