Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bradford Labour deputy leader backs Galloway's rally against free speech


I asked on Friday who would join George Galloway in attacking the idea of free speech (I know George dubbed it a 'free speech rally' in the same way that communist dictatorships call themselves 'democratic').

And we now have our answer - 'hundreds' turned out in last night's cold and snow for what is now being called a 'multi-faith' rally (I wonder how many non-muslims - Galloway excepted, of course - actually attended) and they heard George say:

"I am here to defend the honour of Muslims, Islams and Muhammad.

"These are not cartoons, these are obscene insults to the prophet Muhammad.

"The backlash against Muslims is under way in France and the UK.

"It seems there are limits to freedom of speech in France. That's hypocrisy, not democracy.

"For the sake of unity in our society, we have to demand from our Government the protection of our prophets."

So pretty clear from George there - he wants blasphemy laws that extend the (already excessive) privileges granted to religion and to Islam in particular.

And he was joined in this call by Imran Hussein, deputy leader of Bradford Council and parliamentary candidate for Bradford East:

"There is a big debate around freedom of speech. It is a fundamental right.

"Let's have freedom of speech, not freedom to openly insult.

"I was deeply insulted, deeply offended by the publication of Charlie Hebdo, in particular its depiction of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

"There has been double standards and hypocrisy here."

So Cllr Hussein thinks that somehow he has the right not to be offended and that special protections - essentially a blasphemy law - should be granted to the faith he professes because him or others might be upset by that blasphemy. This is not free speech.



Anonymous said...

The sooner this idiot & David Ward are no longer MP'S in Bradford the better. Both are a disgrace. No comment in respect of the backlash on the Jewish community but yet I didn't expected one as both are anti - seminite.

Anonymous said...

"There has been double standards and hypocrisy here."

Well, he is certainly correct, there.

Anyone who says, “I believe in free speech but…” is lying. Freedom of speech is very much freedom to openly insult.

That Galloway and Hussein should be allowed say those things in public I do find particularly offensive – perhaps they should be banned.

Radical Rodent