Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Quote of the day - summing up the Green Party:


Ed West gets it about right:

It wants pre-industrial economic policies mixed with 21st century radical sexual politics mixed with a strong hostility to pleasure, especially if someone’s making money out of it; it supports hard secularism and population control policies combined with open borders and pacifism (let’s see how that works out!); immense levels of state control over our private lives alongside moral relativism towards things like terrorism and crime. Its support base is mostly the educated, squeezed middle yet its economic policies would certainly ruin them.

As Ed points out this won't make a jot of difference to the Party's appeal - trendy hipsters in Saltaire will carry on voting for them - but it is a reminder that the Greens are utterly bonkers.



Richard Sage said...

When Galileo said the earth was not the centre of the universe they said he was bonkers, when Columbus said the earth was round they said he was bonkers, when Darwin talked about evolution they said he was bonkers (and still do) - when us Greens tell you that Capitalism is unsustainable and will destroy the Earth you will say we are bonkers - oh well time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Columbus didn't say the world was round. The ancient Greeks first measured the circumference of the world a few hundred years before Christ was born.

So not only bonkers but deeply ignorant.