Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bradford Council's anti-business planning policy in action - health fascism edition


Last year Bradford Council introduced - despite being told by their own Director of Public Health that it was pointless - a draconian planning policy banning new fast food outlets near schools and other places where children gather (churches, mosques, parks, play groups and so forth). The intention of the policy is to reduce levels of childhood obesity.

Yesterday the Deputy Leader of Bradford Council was crowing about the "success" of the policy:

"It is good to see that this new policy is working in blocking takeaways in these areas, as the purpose of this policy is to protect the health of young people in the district.

"When we consulted on the policy, comments were positive, especially from health professionals who recognise the obesity issue in Bradford."

In simple terms the policy bans new takeaways within 400m of schools (and all those other places) - which, if you know Bradford, means every single high street across the district. Except the City Centre because the politicians excluded it from the ban.

The article lists six proposals for new businesses that have fallen foul of the policy. That's six fewer businesses in Bradford each of which might have generated two or three jobs in a city with very high rates of unemployment. All to deliver an unquantifiable objective - there is absolutely no way for Bradford Council to know whether or not stopping these businesses from operating is reducing levels of childhood obesity.

The only quantifiable outcome of the policy is fewer businesses and fewer jobs. So when Cllr Slater says it's not "anti-business" she is lying.

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Woodsy42 said...

And their policy doesn't take account of the increased risk because those pupils wanting take-aways will have to travel further on busy traffic filled streets to get their meals.