Thursday, 7 January 2016

In which the medical profession reminds us how monumentally stupid it is


Seriously these doctors are utterly ignorant, they have not the first conception of human behaviour:

Norway's biggest medical organisation wants to ban the sale of cigarettes to adults.

In a drive towards a smoke-free society by 2035, the Norwegian Medical Association (NMA) is pressing the government to back its proposal for a ban on tobacco sales to citizens born after the year 2000.

What could go wrong here? Right now it's anyone younger than 16 which I'm guess means they can't buy fags anyway. They do however have friends who are 17 and can buy fags. And since the stupid doctors don't intend to ban possession of cigarettes, this secondary market (doubtless a pretty profitable one) still exists and won't go away until the last of those 17 year olds has died in about eighty years time. All this, of course, is without the capacity of Norwegians to pop to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Baltic States from where they can bring back - perfectly legally - loads of cigarettes.

Fortunately Norway has some politicians with a modicum of common sense:

Yet despite the NMA's hopes, health spokespeople for the Conservative, Labour, Centre and Christian Democrats parties in the country told Aftenposten the idea was not currently feasible.

Indeed the idea will never be feasible. In other news teen smoking in most places - including Norway and the UK - is at its lowest ever level. Something that's down to vaping and nothing to do with public health at all. Not that the health fascists and nannying fussbuckets will ever admit to this.


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