Thursday, 21 January 2016

On Charlie Brooker's bigotry.


Charlie Brooker thinks Conservatives are creatures with out soul.

"As opposed to self-important, smug, judgemental, ignorant, know-nothing dickheads like Charlie Brooker and all the luvvie numpties who pretend to care about the poor and downtrodden while pulling in vastly more cash than the average evil bankster or Tory scumbag. People whose commitment to caring for the poor is to shout a lot about how nasty some anonymous businessman is then jet off to their holiday home in Tuscany or the shiny, trendy private club in Soho. Followed by getitng paid by the Beeb or the Guardian to pen some corruscating inditement of evil capitalism before heading off to dinner with their lefty pals at some Michelin starred restaurant where they'll pay £500 a head and insult the staff. There is more soul and decency in a single Tory voter than in all these oh-so-important so-called comedians - it's just that people like Brooker have yet to twig what massive and monumental hypocritical twats they are."



Anonymous said...

Though, in defence of Mr Brooker, he's always struck me as self-aware enough that I could just about believe he might have written that paragraph himself.

singapore sling said...

Did he bring in the bedroom tax then, did he?

Anonymous said...

No, the Labour Party did.