Monday, 25 January 2016

Self-indulgent virtue signalling - the case of Justin Trudeau

There you have it. Once I've got past the temptation to throw up, I want you all to ponder the utter shallowness of this statement. This incredibly privileged and fortunate man has decided, in order to position himself as the pin up boy of self-righteous progressives everywhere, to adopt a series of trite positions that don't relate at all to good governance but signal Justin's saintliness.

Everything I see from Justin conforms to this virtue-signalling. From (and he continues in his father's tradition here) waving his children around as political props through to the sort of statements designed merely to get vacuous left-wing metrosexual folk whimpering. And he's wrong - feminism isn't an ideology worthy of us adopting it as a description, at least in its modern iteration. For all the good stuff about women's rights there's a victimhood about modern feminists that demeans the achievements of women who campaigned for the vote, for employment rights and to stop men raping or mutilating them.

And even if modern feminism was all brilliant, let's remember that Justin is just saying this for effect - it's a platitude, a mere construct to make him seem virtuous, modern and caring, a progressive godling.


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