Tuesday, 23 February 2016

In which I feel like Peppone's wife...

It goes like this:

"So it isn't true that the Russians want peace, the way they say they do, is that it?"

"Of course it's true! They want peace but as long as there are warmongers, peace is impossible...Don't listen to gossip, I tell you. The Garibaldi ticket has been replaced by one that bears our own symbol, but the situation is just what it was before. You can go right ahead, without any misgivings, and vote as you did in 1948."

"All right chief," she said, not mentioning the fact that in 1948 she voted for the Christian Democrats.

"Oh, I'm not changing my mind," she protested. "I chose, once and for all, last time."

"Good," said Peppone, starting toward the door. "And would you get my gun out of the drawer this evening so I can clean it when I come home? If we win, then we're to start shooting. That's orders."

After Peppone had gone, his wife stared for a long time at the door. Then she raised her eyes to heaven and prayed:

"Lord, make them lose!"

So often, in understanding the stupidity, futility and meaning of politics, Giovanni Guareschi hits the nail on the head. This is once such occasion. And if you're a politicians - especially a local one - and haven't read Don Camillo, you should start putting this right immediately.



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