Sunday, 27 March 2016

Socialism. A glimpse of its evil.


From an article about that socialist paradise, Cuba:

Look, part of me gets it. I appreciate good art direction just as much as anyone else, and I see that Cuba looks like a beautifully destroyed photo op. But it’s not your photo op. The old cars are not kitschy; they are not a choice. It’s all they have. The old buildings are not preserved; their balconies are falling and killing people all the time. The very, very young girls prostituting themselves are not doing it because they can’t get enough of old Canadian men, but because it pays more than being a doctor does. Hospitals for regular Cuban citizens are not what Michael Moore showed you in Sicko. (That was a Communist hospital for members of the Party and for tourists, and I, for one, think Moore fell for their North Korea–like propaganda show pretty hard.) There are no janitors in the hospitals because it pays more money to steal janitorial supplies and sell them on the street than it does to actually have a job there. Therefore, the halls and rooms are covered in blood, urine, and feces, and you need to bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and mattresses when you are admitted. Doctors have to reuse needles on patients. My mom’s aunt had a stroke and the doctor’s course of treatment was to “put her feet up and let the blood rush back to her head.” That was it.

This is a country where you can earn more money driving tourists from the airport to their hotels than you can as a doctor, where no-one can afford to live on the wages from their 'official' jobs, where the illegal black market dominates lives, and where to stay alive you have to break the law dozens of times a day. It's just like every other socialist place except with good looking people and plenty of sunshine.

I make no apologies for saying socialism is evil. Atheists are wont to point at religions, to describe the murder and destruction done in the name of those religions. But, for sheer murderous impact, for utter brutalism, for pillage and murder, for bringing out the very worse in humanity there are two texts that have, in a blink of an eye besides the Qu'ran and the Bible, visited more death and sorrow on the world - The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.


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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Cuba is an illustration of the evils of dictatorship, whether socialist, capitalist, nationalist or whatever. Governments, like nappies, need changing regularly and for much the same reasons.