Monday, 14 March 2016

The Labour Party is now definitely on the Medusa's raft...

As metaphors for Labour's problems go the Raft of the Medusa is a good one:

On the raft, the situation deteriorated rapidly. Among the provisions were casks of wine instead of water. Fights broke out between the officers and passengers on one hand, and the sailors and soldiers on the other. On the first night adrift, 20 men were killed or committed suicide. Stormy weather threatened, and only the centre of the raft was secure. Dozens died either in fighting to get to the centre, or because they were washed overboard by the waves. Rations dwindled rapidly; by the fourth day there were only 67 left alive on the raft, and some resorted to cannibalism. On the eighth day, the fittest decided to throw the weak and wounded overboard leaving fifteen men, all of whom survived the four remaining days until their rescue on 17 July by Argus, which had accidentally encountered them.

No there we have it - Labour is devouring itself, with its members scrapping, shouting and pushing to promote - or undermine - the cause of Viscount Hugues Duroy de Chaumareys (or rather Jeremy Corbyn) while the role of Richmont, the incompetent navigator is taken by John McDonnell.


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