Friday, 8 April 2016

Quote of the day - on mortality


Sage advice - we should live just for the sake of living, we should live for fun:

It is time to turn the clock back to a more dangerous era, but only we crumblies have the authority to advocate it. I am not obviously proposing a life of foolhardiness and debauch; but I am uncomfortably aware that as I look back, it is those moments when I went too fast, dared too much, fell too far, drank too deep which bring a smile to my lips, an ache to my heart.

My advice to young people is simple. Eat, drink, even smoke, and be generally merry, because that way you might be spared too many days of misery for yourself and your friends and family. Live short and prosper.

Public health people, fussbuckets, nannies and health facists - stick this in your pipe and smoke it!


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