Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I wish I was clever...


I wish I was as clever as those people who write about how thick other people are. It must be fab being so super brainy. Every day you see this but the writers merely display their arrogance. For sure they want us to be in awe of their intellectual majesty - ho ho ho we're supposed to respond as we smile at the daring criticism of whoever it is our genius has decided makes two planks of wood look like a proto-Einstein.

If only I had the supreme confidence to declare a cabinet minister a "thicko" despite never having met that person, had a conversation with them or looked at their skills, experience or knowledge. It is a joy to behold that arrogant confidence in another's stupidity - even one who went to Cambridge and had a 20 year business career before getting to parliament.

I am not so confidently clever, I doubt my beliefs every day. When someone challenges my thoughts or comments a shudder of that doubt runs through my body.

But then I like doubt. My arm is elbow deep in that spear wound. Doubt is what keeps us from torturing people because god said so. Doubt is what makes us hesitate, makes us ask whether the other person might be right, makes us check. Makes us listen.

Over the past years I've changed my mind about a lot of things - climate change, gay rights, Europe, immigration, community, even god. But my mind is still not made up. So keep telling me I'm wrong - just as I'll challenge what you say. Just try not to to call people stupid, dumb, thick, ignorant, immoral - that's not helpful, kind or - much of the time - accurate. And it will never change anyone's mind about anything.



Jackart said...

You have smashed my country up for no good reason, and made it significantly poorer. I still cannot work out why otherwise intelligent people willingly believed such absurd lies about the EU. I changed my mind on this when I sought out the facts, and tried hard to tell everyone that you've been lied to. The EU spends 1% of GDP, employs fewer people than Manchester city council and writes trade law and in return makes us much richer. And now you have smashed it, Vladimir Putin is already on the march, our allies are furious. And I still cannot work out why. I have seen no argument that isn't about hurting some "other", though who the other is, varies.

What "freedom" have I gained? Because I can point to many that I have lost.

I hope one day, you feel shame for what you have done.

Radical Rodent said...

Meh... maybe we will. But I doubt it. Quite how it has made us richer is a mystery, as Europe is now probably the slowest growing economy in the world (apart from Antarctica).

Radical Rodent said...

You have nicely encapsulated exactly what Mr Cooke was on about, Jackart: "You have smashed my country up for no good reason…" Have we? There is certainly a bit of turmoil, because the result is what NO-ONE thought would happen; the seismic shift will take a little time to adjust to. But… erm… freedom from tyranny? Is that not a good enough reason?

"I changed my mind on this when I sought out the facts…" Because, of course, we are too stoopid to seek out our own facts; your facts are so superior to ours.

I, too, hope that, one day, you will feel shame for what you have said.