Friday, 26 August 2016

Heterodox Academy - challenging left-wing hegemony in academia

A long overdue initiative to challenge the domination of academia - and especially academic social sciences - by a narrow left-wing ideology: was founded to call attention to this trend and the problems it is causing for scholarship, particularly in the social sciences and related fields (such as law and public policy). The word heterodox means “not conforming with accepted or orthodox standards of beliefs.” We chose that word to contrast with “orthodoxy,” which refers to conforming with accepted norms and beliefs. Orthodoxy has religious connotations, but it can be applied to any view that becomes dogma or dogmatic, such as “orthodox Marxism,” “social constructionist orthodoxy,” or “progressive orthodoxy.”

It will be a long hard road and I wish those involved - all American, so focused in issues in US institutions. The study of human institutions, of society and of how we behave is too important for one ideology to dominate discourse and debate.



James Higham said...

Watch academia launch a full frontal assault on the place.

Radical Rodent said...

Oh, yes. They will not take this sort of challenge lying down. Lying... yes, but not lying down.