Saturday, 14 October 2017

If it's such a good idea, Jeremy, set one up...

The leader of the Labour Party has been talking about business (while smiling benignly at his youth wing who want to nationalise Greggs). He tweeted this:
Imagine an Uber run co-operatively by their drivers, collectively controlling their futures, with profits shared or re-invested.
Splendid. There are some great worker-owned businesses - John Lewis, Arup and so forth - although none of them started that way. But the implication of Corbyn's comments sound a little more sinister - even a hint of some form of nationalisation for dear old Uber.

But seriously, if it's such a good idea to have a ride share co-op, Jeremy, why not set one up? No-one's stopping you (except maybe the Mayor of London and his Black Cab mates).


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Sobers said...

What stopping him is that socialism never created jack sh*t, it just steals what other have created and runs it into the ground. Railways, hospitals, schools, steel mills, mines, shipyards, car plants, you name it, they stole it and f*cked it up royally. Socialism just eats other people's capital, it never creates any of its own.