Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Great Left Wing Intellectual Debate: A Guide

I read this article. I'd share it with you but I can't find it. Thing is it said that the level of intellectual debate on "the right" (whatever that may actually mean because it beats me how people can find anything in common between me and the frothing loon who runs Prison Planet - yet apparently we're both right wing) is pretty poor. And that the left is - as it has always claimed - filled with beautiful, intelligent people engaged in fascinating policy debates.

I will summarise these left wing debates for you (so you don't have to hurt your eyes looking at the shining ones):

"Neoliberalism. Tories. Bad."

"Yes. Bad. Poor people. Food banks. Neoliberalism."

"Absolutely! Scum. Neoliberalism. Corbyn. Young People. Rally."

"Socialism." (Everyone breaks off to shout and sing "Oh Jeremy Corbyn")

"Nationalise. Magic Money Tree - ha ha ha! Young people. Poverty. Food banks. Neoliberalism."

"Tory scum. Brexit. Young people. Council houses. Neoliberalism."

"Boris Johnson. Buffoon - ha ha ha! Racism. Theresa May. Tory scum. Neoliberalism."

"Thatcher. The miners" (Everyone breaks off to sing chorus of "The Witch is Dead")

"Big bosses. Poverty. Neoliberalism. Brexit."

"Universal Basic Income." (Everyone oohs and ahs - then sings new song "Free Stuff, Freee Stuff. Free Stuff for Young People")

"WASPIs?" (Free stuff for them too - new verse added to Free Stuff song)

"Neoliberalism. Tories. Bad." (Repeat ad nauseum).


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning today's game of 'Corbyn Bingo', getting almost all the buzz-words lined up across your card. Polly Toynbee would be proud.