Wednesday, 18 November 2009

(More) Wednesday Whimsy: serendipity


  • Blogged about ghosts and fairies this morning and found myself talking about ghosts & fairies in a session on culture and place-making
  • Left this session and ran into one of the guys behind bringing the Bollywood Awards to Yorkshire - he wanted to talk about culture & regeneration
  • Called in at a small hotel where I'd left my scarf on Friday night - seated there were some folk I know. And they wanted to talk about some Afro-Caribbean culture stuff and about Zimbabwe, asylum and the Home Office - linking right into the day job along with Kurds and Somalis
  • Opening my e-mails once home to see one from another friend (and Conservative PPC) who owns the building that houses the Kurdish Mosque, restaurant and community centre in Leeds - right alongside the new Zim centre.

Chance encounters. Serendipity.

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