Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Campaign Diary: Day Two - into the village

Yesterday on the fairy estate we got a good response - finished off there today with some discussions about the management of the protected land along Cottingley Beck. This isn't just a lovely place, it's where some faked photos of fairies were taken - lots of concerns about the management costs, preserving the place as it is and not seeing it as a cut-through to the school.

Which takes us to Cottingley village - the oldest part and a mix of converted terraces, back-to-back housing and in-fill. Again there were plenty of gaps in the register- perhaps less surprising here where the small, relatively cheap terraced housing provides an entry point to the housing market. Got some positive response from the work we put in to stop the Council selling off a piece of land used for car parking

Overall a decent canvass - lots of 'don't know', 'I'll read that' responses but no evidence of switching. which isn't to say folk aren't switching, of course! Not a great area for us, so a pretty decent outcome.

On the AV vote seems to be more of a concern to older voters - really strongly against. The referendum's not in my literature but there are mentions from residents - the national message seems to be getting through.


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