Thursday, 12 May 2011

Seems us English still want that question answering...

I recall being told by a senior - now ministerially-senior - MP that the public simply weren't interested in the "West Lothian Question". Too technical even a bit occult for most voters to worry about. Suffice it to say I disagreed - quite simply English voters think it unfair. And it's hard (unless your name's Blair or Brown) to conjure up an argument in support of Glasgow MPs voting on matters that will not affect their constituents - especially when the complete opposite is done up in Bonny Scotland.

I now call in support of my contention a recent opinion poll about Scottish independence - conducted in England and Wales:

Compare this with England and Wales. English and Welsh respondents are pretty evenly split on Scottish independence – 41% would support Scotland becoming independent, 40% would oppose it (meaning, of course, that Scottish independence is actually somewhat more popular with the English and Welsh than with the Scots). Perceptions amongst the English & Welsh are that Scotland currently gets the better deal from the Union – 54% think Scotland benefits more, compared to 27% who think it is equal and 8% who think England and Wales get the better deal.

The Scots - for all their flirtation with the world's smuggest political leader - seem to think they get a pretty good deal from the UK's constitutional settlement (which of course they do). So why change it? Us English, on the other hand reckon we get a lousy deal! And, if the solution is to dump Scotland, then we'll dump Scotland.



@a2mac said...

As a Scot who supports English Independence I consider it democratically wrong for any MP to vote on any matter that does not involve their constituents.

We have a Tory Gov. We only have single Tory MP. This is also not democratically good.

Never trust a politician that is not answerable for there actions.

If we get more than we pay in. This Is wrong. We must sortour problems. You sort yours. I like my neighbours but do not.need to share a wallet

Ed Butt said...

At the next conference put forward a motion demanding a referendum. Get Nick Clegg to campaign for Scotland to stay in the union and then recommend Cammers and Co. focus on spelling out how much Scotland costs us and how when voting for the Westminster Parliament the Scots have one and a half votes each.

Should be a cert from there.

Anonymous said...

Scotland gave money-giving Labour a landslide victory in the general election and money-grabbing SNP in the Scottish Parliament elections.

The West Lothian Question was asked by a Scot whining about the fact he could not vote on decisions affecting his constituents.

The English Question is a more important question. It asks why England does not have its own First Minister, parliament and executive in a devolved UK?

Avoiding this questions and providing the obviously answer, an English Parliament, has caused a rise in calls for English independence.

cornubian said...

Time for Cornish devolution too! The Dark Side of Devolution - Top Down vs. Bottom Up Regionalism in England - Cornwall and the North East Compared:

We gathered a petition of 50,000 signatures in 2002 calling for devolution now its time the government respected the will of the Cornish people. Don't know why Yorkshire or Northumbria don't press for devolution also.

Maria said...

Because Yorkshire and Northumbia are English? And what has that to do with you, Cornubian? You profess NOT to be. A referendum for Cornwall is long overdue, it would be interesting to learn what the MAJORITY want for that county.

Anonymous said...

So Cornwall can be a nice small and irrelevant little EU Region like Scotland, Wales and N Ireland?.

Cornish Nationalist? more like Cornish EU REGIONALIST! Wake up Fool!.