Friday, 21 October 2011

Starting from the wrong place....


Arun District Council are looking at the application of the Community Infrastructure Levy:

Arun District Council in West Sussex has appointed consultancy Colliers International to advise on what facilities the authority could fund using the Community Infrastructure Levy and what level the tariff might have to be set at to raise the necessary funds for local priorities.

So there you are - decide what you want to spend the tax on and then set the level you need to get that money. Somewhere in all this, it seems to me, we've lost sight of the impact on development - all the jobs, businesses and homes that won't be there because the district council wanted to tart up the Bognor Regis seafront or put in a new playground in Arundel.

Seems to me that Arun should start by asking what level of CIL wouldn't damage economic development.


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Anonymous said...

Your posting shows what happens when take something that somebody says and assumes it's all correct. Colliers have been appointed to undertake a Leisure Study - looking at the requirements of the local area. Yes it will inform the CIL.
Unfortunately, their press release has been taken and somewhat mangled. Viability will be an important part of coming to any final conclusions in 2013!