Thursday, 1 December 2011

It had to happen...


...the denormalisation of coffee commences:

Researchers found large discrepancies in caffeine levels in espressos, contradicting the widespread belief that retailers follow a uniform set of guidelines.

Medical experts warned that the differences were potentially putting pregnant women at greater risk of miscarriage. They found that cafĂ© customers were unaware of the wide variations in caffeine levels. 

Watch it grow, folks!



Frances Coppola said...

Don't know what all the fuss is about. I couldn't drink coffee when I was pregnant - even the smell made me feel ill.

Anonymous said...

There was actually a strong push in the mainstream several years back against coffee entirely, saying it was addictive like nicotine and causing major health problems and offering no benefits. Then strangely the propaganda faded away overnight about the same time Starbucks seemed to multiply on every street corner. So maybe someone struck a deal higher up somewhere and so coffee was given a reprieve for a while. It's interesting to see it's starting to make a come-back again. If they can do to coffee houses what they did to the pubs that will make even more run down bankrupt business real estate available to the monied investor classes who can scoop up properties at cheap prices and refurbish them into something else. I still wonder if some of this denormalisation of many things, from tobacco to alcohol to fast food to coffee isn't part of some plot to drive businesses under in order to buy back the properties on the cheap - or else for governments to condemn and then bring under government (communal) control.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"the widespread belief that retailers follow a uniform set of guidelines"


Widespread amongst who? Local authority busybodies?

Nobody else in the world would expect coffee shops to follow "guidelines" in such a matter.

After all, who on earth would care?