Monday, 23 April 2012

What an ex-Respect supporter has to say...


Most of those who make the mistake of viewing Galloway as some sort of hero end up regretting it. I know because I used to see him as a hero myself. I can remember attending many anti-war rallies in Hyde Park that involved Galloway speaking and galvanising the crowd. One Big Brother appearance and a speech supporting al-Qaeda in Iraq later, I changed my mind and began to see through the charade.

It seems the people who voted for him in East London in 2005 had the same realisation since the Respect party’s East London chapter was all but decimated in the 2010 general elections.  He is, after all, not a constituency MP but a political activist who spends most of his time gallivanting around the Middle East and furthering his media career. It’s only a matter of time before the people of Bradford West also see through the antics of this hapless anti-imperialist, yet pro-autocratic buffoon.

Interesting words there from Ghaffar Hussein.  There are more to be read here.



Smoking Scot said...

A lot has been said about GG over the years and what GH says is factually correct.

No he's not been a good constituency MP in the past but he has been very good at raising issues like the hypocracy of our actions toward the Palestinians and he did warn of the consequences of our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes he's a well known media star.. on Press TV but there is a purpose to all this and he is risking a lot personally to be the sort of questioning maverick we need.

Two things cannot be denied: he beat the living daylights out of Labour and Tory at Bradford West and he is the only politician in recent memory to be carried on the shoulders of his delighted supporters.

It may turn sour in the future. I hope it doesn't. I hope GG can balance his duties more effectively and build up Respect to offer more choice at the EU elections.

We really do need choice and I am delighted the voters Bradford West did the right thing

Barnacle Bill said...

You may not like Mr. Galloway, or his activities, but you have to take your hat off to him for not becoming the bog standard lobby fodder most MPs turn into once they get elected.