Sunday, 22 April 2012

Will someone tell The Observer there isn't an "obesity crisis", not even a little one...


No surprise that the Observer has joined the nannying fussbuckets on the supposed "obesity crisis":

No one doubts it is a huge cultural, political and behavioural challenge or pretends there is an easy solution. But if the answers, whatever they are, involve challenging corporate power and practices, legislating to improve the content of food or even limiting individuals' freedom to consume junk, then so be it. Only radical action will begin to win the challenge of obesity.

Except, of course that rates of obesity are falling - I guess that, as ever, the Guardian prefers bossing poor people about to actually checking the facts before holding forth!

“In total contrast to the widely held view that obesity rates are rocketing out of control, we are not in the middle of an obesity health crisis,” Professor Gard said.

“Obesity rates have been stable or falling around the Western world for over 10 years. Health in most Western countries is improving, while obesity is simply one among the many health challenges we face."


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