Saturday, 30 June 2012

‘‘15 teaspoons of sugar with some pig in it’’.

Not sure whether Burger King are offering this delight in the UK - I suspect Bradford might be fairly low down on the priority list mind you. But the description in my headline - ‘‘15 teaspoons of sugar with some pig in it’’ - was such a masterful definition it couldn't go unrecorded!

For more nonsense on this culinary extravagence you can read about Eric Crampton's non-campaign campaign to bring the Bacon Sundae to New Zealand:

When I heard about the Burger King Bacon Sundae a couple weeks ago, I sent a single tweet saying I'd hoped it would come to New Zealand. 
A week later, a reporter for the Herald on Sunday hit me on Twitter asking why I wanted to try the bacon sundae. I sent the reporter an email saying that maple syrup goes well with both bacon and ice cream, so it's not crazy to think bacon and ice cream could go well together. And, the bacon sundae had the added advantage of annoying the sorts of people who it's useful to annoy now.

All good stuff. Am wholly undecided whether to try this concoction should it ever make it to Bradford!

h/t Dick P


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