Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"It's for the children" cries nannying fussbucket, Coun Ivan Taylor from Blackpool


Blackpool Borough Council have put themselves in the running for interfering fussbucket awards, I feel:

Moves are being made to ban smoking in Blackpool’s parks. Signs are to go up at the entrances to 13 parks and playing fields advising the public the areas are now smoke-free sites. Health bosses today said the move was being made to protect children from the dangers of smoking...

Oh yes - it's for the children! This is despite there being no evidence at all, anywhere, that people smoking outside pose any risk to health. And - although the signs don't tell you this - the proposed 'ban' is not enforceable.

The signs are being paid for by the NHS - you know, the organisation we're told is struggling for funds to keeps wards open, to pay nurses and to train doctors. Seems however that they have the cash for illegal signs in Blackpool's parks.



Anonymous said...

Should smoking be allowed in public open spaces


Tony said...

Amazingly 39% of people at time of looking say smoking shouldn't be allowed in public open spaces, that is absolutely insane. How on earth has it come to this???

SteveW said...

It's come to this largely because the likes of ASH and other tobacco control idiots have been allowed to spout whatever bunkum they come up with as gospel fact, without challenge from any mainstream journalists or politicians.

Journalists, no excuse, questioning is your job. Politicians, about what you'd expect as they probably think that there are votes in dictating the minutiae of people's lives to them coupled with the additional ease with which a population made deliberately docile and infantilised to such a great degree are pretty easy to control.

Truly a sorry state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

That's OK - just another place I'll never spend a penny of my money again.