Friday, 10 August 2012

People who live on the streets more likely to be smokers (and other unsuprising facts)


Mind you this doesn't stop homelessness charity Thames Reach from getting all hot and bothered about the fact:

More needs to be done to help the homeless population quit smoking as a high proportion of those in hostels are found to be smokers, a survey has found.
Research by homelessness charity Thames Reach, released only to Inside Housing, shows more than 73 per cent of service users were smokers.

The idiots at Thames Reach then go on to talk about diabetes (which isn't closely linked to smoking in the way that it is to poor diet). It seems to me that the least of our worries about the street homeless is whether or not they smoke - we should bother instead about the factors behind their situation whether that be mental health difficulties, breakdown or simple economics.

Tobacco might be expensive but for these people that little warm buzz from a fag might be the only little pleasure they get on the average evening. And these nannying fussbuckets at Thames Reach want to take that away from them.



Curmudgeon said...

These are the same people who want to ban Carlsberg Special Brew on the grounds that it is a favourite of the homeless.

Leg-iron said...

They really hate the homeless, these homeless charities, don't they?

I had experience of them myself, back in the 1980s (my own fault) and they haven't changed. The one thing they aren't interested in doing is getting the homeless into homes.

Well, they'd all be out of a job then, wouldn't they?