Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mike Bloomberg is more of a Bonapartist than a liberal - even an American liberal


Alan Massie in the Spectator - while explaining that Mike Bloomberg is a "liberal" (or at least not a Republican or a conservative of any sort) - reminds us that Bloomberg is the Bonaparte of nannying fussbuckets:

Hell, all this and I haven’t even mentioned Nurse Bloomberg’s War on Tobacco which is, of course, really a reminder that he’s not one of those politicians who respects other people’s property rights.

Not to mention, of course, Bloomberg's campaigns against portion sizes, fizzy drinks, the wrong sort of alcohol and much else beside.  Anyone who believes that Bloomberg is in any way admirable as a politician (and I inclde Boris Johnson on that list - his puppy dog fandom of Bloomberg is quite depressing in an otherwise splendid politician) isn't someone I'd be cheering for.

We - as conservatives and believers in freedom - should be cursing the Bloomberg approach - ban this, stop that, controls, regulations. Sadly it seems that people I thought loved freedom - like Ian Martin - would prefer a tin-pot little bonapartist like Bloomberg in charge.


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