Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nannying Fussbucket of the week: Yes it's Cllr Audrey Lewis & Westminster Council again!


All the papers are running this story - the pub that has been told to serve drinks more slowly or lose its license. Hidden in the detail of this story is the real reason for the problem:

“We have lots of people drinking outside and we know Westminster wants to clamp down on that..."

Now we're getting somewhere at last. It's not the efficient service that's the problem, it's that some people are drinking outside. How very dare they! Anti-social behaviour. Setting a bad example! It must be stopped! The licensing committee will end this ghastly behaviour. Even when:

The pub is on a cobbled mews and is only open weekdays. Mrs Bird added: “We have never had any complaints from residents about noise, there’s no problem with violence - we’re just a popular local pub.”

So it's causing no bother but Cllr Lewis and her Westminster Council killjoys - the one's who pulled the plug on The Boss and Macca - will still stop it. 'Cos of the rules, you know!

Nannying fussbuckets.


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Dick Puddlecote said...

There's a simple solution if lots of people are outside. Relax the smoking ban so they don't have to go out there. ;)