Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This tells us more about Monbiot's posh socialism than about conservatism...


Dear old George starts with:

There was a time when conservatism meant what the word suggests. It was an attempt to keep things as they are: to arrest economic and social change, to defend the position of the dominant class.*

Well I've news for George, conservatism has never meant this, perhaps there were occasional Tories who felt this way but the Conservative Party - as Disraeli made clear in 1872 - was founded to to this:

"...elevate the condition of the people"

And, throughout its history that has been what the Party has tried to do - not always successfully but always with the intent of betterment. And George Monbiot, with his posh education and privileged upbringing (it so often seems that only the rich and privileged can afford the luxury of frothing left-wing lunacy), should really know better.

*The remainder of the piece is utter dribble filled with half-truths, idiocy and nonsense - for leaping from the Bullingdon Club to badger culls in one artocle Monbiot deserves a prize last awarded to Tony Benn for utterly incomprehensible leaps of illogic.


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singapore sling said...

What about all the conservatives that were against public rights of way? If it hadn't been for people, mainly (but I bet not exclusively) lefties, engaging in mass trespass then urban working-class people would have been shut out of the countryside altogether.

The millions who enjoy access to the countryside on footpaths are still begrudged by the sort of people Monbiot rightly slags off.

Besides which, he is more than willing to go against conventional wisdom, for instance when he supports nuclear energy. If he agrees with the left on most things it's because he has assessed their claims and thinks they are right, not because he is a mindless drone.