Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Do as you're told citizen...and behave.


It is hard to argue with this description of the New Puritan creed from Leg-Iron:

Play is verboten. Enjoyment is sin. Having a happy retirement in a non-approved manner costs the NHS money. If smoking, drinking, lounging around and not going to the gym are the sort of things that make you happy then you are to be denormalised.

Watch them - stop smoking, cut out the drinking, no more burgers, go to the gym...do as you're told or:

...instead of merely taxing tobacco sales, the federal government could require individuals to pay a tax penalty unless they declare that they haven't used tobacco products during the year. It could give a tax credit to people who submit documentation that their body-mass index is in the normal range or has decreased during the year or to diabetic persons who document that their glycated hemoglobin levels are controlled. It could tax individuals who fail to purchase gym memberships. It could require taxpayers to complete an annual health improvement plan with their physician in order to obtain a tax credit...

And you thought we lived in a free society? Forget it citizen...

...and BEHAVE.


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The Whited Sepulchre said...

Wait till you see what ObamaCare does to the U.S. !!
Had a fascinating meeting about it at work last week.