Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Conservative Party needs to move the talent - and money - further than Millbank...


The Spectator reports that my Party is onto full long election footing (good of you to tell me, Dave). And this means that the talent is moving apparently:

...I now hear that talent is being moved out of Whitehall and back to Millbank to beef up the team there. Giles Kenningham, one of the most effective Tory spin doctors, is taking leave from the Department of Communities and Local Government, to head up CCHQ’s media operation following Susie Squire’s secondment to Downing Street.

Sorry to pour cold water on all this excitement but, if we're to make a difference, the talent needs to be in Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester not 400 yards down the road from Whitehall. If the Party is serious about remaining in power, it needs to start to support the grassroots.

Why you ask? Simple really - those grass roots are dying faster than the ash trees. Instead of another spin doctor how about some member recruitment, funding some agents in target constituencies, providing support to hard-pressed conservative groups - spending some of that cash from those rich donors on stopping the Party from dying.


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Anonymous said...

Better idea to move a few staffers to making friends with UKIP - that's their only hope at the next general election.